Get backlinks by submitting your website to these business directories

One of the best ways to be noticed by potential clients is to register your business on one (or more than one) of many different business directories.

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One of the best ways to be noticed by potential clients is to register your business on one (or more than one) of many different business directories. Signing up to get included in reputable business directories will boost the success of your business due to exposure, but it will also improve your search engine rankings thanks to increased number of backlinks.

Different directories might ask of you to share certain amount of company information, so their users can be thoroughly informed, but every directory will ask for some basics. Those are the company logo with the option of adding additional photos, web and email address, phone number, working hours, year of establishment, Tax ID, identification number, area of expertise, business description and similar information.

Building backlinks is an integral part of our SEO service portfolio. Contact us in order to help you improve your website rankings, brand or business within search engines and to assist you in registration to business directories, where you can expand your network of partners and associates. We made a list of different business directories, where most of them are completely free of charge (in some cases, the free option requires mutual advertisement), and some which require monetary compensation for their services.


App Development Companies

Moz PA: 35 DA: 28 Alexa Rank: 277,026



Moz PA: 58 DA: 62 Alexa Rank: 20,462


Entireweb Business Listing

Moz PA: 46 DA: 51 Alexa Rank: 35,439



Moz PA: 51 DA: 47 Alexa Rank: 19,968



Moz PA: 40 DA: 38 Alexa Rank: 27,124


Top App Development Companies

Moz PA: 43 DA: 37 Alexa Rank: 88,532



Moz PA: 37 DA: 27 Alexa Rank: 159,362

We would like to present a special group of directories with web design in mind. These websites allow you to submit your design after which other visitors are able to give it a rating. You will be able to find contests that are running quite often and pit your website against many others. Beside organizing contests, these locations serve as galleries for you to promote the work you’ve done.


CSS Light

Moz PA: 44 DA: 37 Alexa Rank: 63,063


CSS Nectar

Moz PA: 41 DA: 36 Alexa Rank: 141,478


CSS Winner

Moz PA: 54 DA: 43 Alexa Rank: 109,657



Moz PA: 42 DA: 32 Alexa Rank: 216,230


Flat UI

Moz PA: 40 DA: 19 Alexa Rank: 3,475,823



Moz PA: 46 DA: 20 Alexa Rank: 929,409


Style The Web

Moz PA: 40 DA: 22 Alexa Rank: 3,017,144


Unmatched Style

Moz PA: 49 DA: 47 Alexa Rank: 811,044


We Love WP

Moz PA: 47 DA: 34 Alexa Rank: 988,041

We hope that this list will be of great use to you in future endeavours and in improving your search engine rankings. The list will be regularly updated, so we suggest you visit this blog again soon in case we add more business directories or we make some other changes to it.

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