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Alarmi i kamere

Weekly calls & goal reviews

Having great communication with our clients is what we are very proud of. When working on social media accounts, sending the clear message and updating the client is really important. This call is about open discussion about campaigns, plan and strategy for the next ones. Having at least one call per week is recommended.

Social media content creation

Our social media managers will create a quality content for your campaign, an idea or contest. Content can be created in collaboration with your team or it can be completely our idea. After the idea is approved and end product is presented, we are ready to start the campaign.

Alarmi i kamere
Alarmi i kamere

Community engagement

It's all about engagement. After the campaign is launched, social media manager will go through each channel, choose a relevant group, start a conversation and engage people on an organic level. Followers that are considered relevant and are important for your business growth can be engaged over different kinds of actions depending on the social channel or network we are on.

Paid or boosted campaigns

Social media manager assigned to your account will boost or sponsor multiple posts per week with the goal to drive more targeted engagement. Having your brand exposed on social network will drive sales and make your social page popular.

Alarmi i kamere
Alarmi i kamere

Monitoring & analytics

Beside monitoring your social media accounts and channels on a daily basis, your social media manager will create weekly email updates and you will receive an advanced analytics report on every 1st and 15th of each month. With social media reports you can easily track how the campaigns are performing and if we are reaching the necessary goal.

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Content creation

Fan interaction and engagement

High targeted Facebook advertising

Daily Posting

Daily tweeting and re-tweeting

Responding to mentions

Talking and engaging with fans daily

Following other industry related brands

Users who do not follow back

Community outreach by +1’ing others

Posting daily to your LinkedIn business page

Interacting with your business page followers daily

High Targeted LinkedIn Advertising

It's not a question if you are going to be present on social media or not, it's how well will you do it.

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