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Today, technology is the most important tool and in website or cloud application development, technology can dictate performance, scalability, price and so much more, so going for the right technology is the first step toward having a great product or tool.


Scalability is important as much as the three other things we mention here. Creating scalable applications means faster, easier upgrade and work later on. In most cases it affects the cost of further development and the path of the project because for startup companies speed is very important.


It's common for people to say that without the right technology you can't have good performance. That is true, however we don't talk just about application performance, but also about development performance of the company and how they handle development tasks.


Last but not least, experience. Without experience there wouldn't be knowledge to connect and finish the project that will later be described as well, and by the standards. We are proud to say that we worked on big projects where technology, scalability and performance were crucial.

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Technologies we use


We are seeking and developing marketing strategies for businesses by integrating marketing concepts, best practices, insights and research results with different approaches to influence behaviors that can benefit your business.


If you are in e-commerce business or want to start with online sales, we are offering our support and services with custom shops or implementation of the common technologies like Woocommerce, OpenCart.


We enjoy developing mobile applications and working on UX and UI design for the users of smaller screens.
While mobile app development is steadily growing we are offering development of application software for handheld devices for Android, iOS and Windows devices.


We offer design and development services from regular websites to booking systems, online payments and scalable and fast applications based on popular technologies.


If you are not happy with the common content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. for websites with a blog, news, shop or other editing feature, we offer our services in creating custom content management systems and admin panels with complex and powerful functions.
Our complex content management systems are created with the API for further scalability and integration with mobile and 3rd party platforms.


For online payments with Visa, Master, Maestro or other cards you can use PayPal payment gateway, Stripe, 2Checkout or other systems.

" Choose the right team, because less in the beginning,
can sometimes cost more afterwards. "

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Application performance

Mobile and tablet solutions

3-rd party API integration

Complex architecture demands

Application scalability

Resource and speed optimization

Security and attack prevention

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Design & UX

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