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Today, technology is the most important tool, and in website or cloud application development, technology can dictate performance, scalability, price, and so much more, so going for the right technology is the first step toward having a great product or tool.


Scalability is important as much as the three other points we mention here. Creating scalable applications means faster, easier upgrades, and work later on. In most cases, it affects the cost of further development and the path of the project, because, for startup companies, speed is very important.


It's common for people to say that without the right technology you can't have good performance. That is true, however, we don't talk just about application performance but also about the development performance of the company and how they handle development tasks.


Last but not least, experience. Without experience, there wouldn't be knowledge to connect and finish the project that will later be described as good, and by the standards. We are proud to say that we worked on big projects where technology, scalability, and performance were crucial.

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Secured, fast, scalable.

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Frequently asked questions

How to sort table values if there are NULL values present?

In case you do ascend sort in the column which contains numerical values in MySQL, the result of sorted values might not be the one you were expecting if that column contains one or more NULL values.

Let's say you have a column named sort whose values are set to 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. If you sort the table with ORBER BY sort ASC, you probably expect an ascending string as a result.

What often happens is that values are: NULL, NULL, 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. This means that all NULL values have an advantage as compared to integer values. This is correct because MySQL considers NULL values lower than 0.

If you wish to place NULL values after integer values, your request must be written like this:


Are you using CDN, and which one?

CDN is one of the ways how you can not only speed up your website but also provide more security and reliability. Many CDN systems offer additional functionalities which can provide many benefits to your website.

In essence, CDN systems should keep the copy of your website on several locations across the country, and to provide the same static content to a user that visits your website, from the nearest location available. The more the user is closer to the server, the website will perform better, and the content will be served much faster.

Our digital agency uses Cloudflare CDN for almost all projects as a default standard part of our services of developing websites and applications.

My WordPress website is slow, how can I speed it up?

There are two basic ways to increase the speed of any website:

Increasing the speed of the application part

Increasing the speed of resources

Increasing the speed of the application part relates to only speeding up the functioning of the application, website code, functions, database performance, file optimization, and similar actions, which can reduce the number of resources used.

Increasing the speed of resources is related to the server, or hosting of a website. WordPress is known for using a lot of resources, so a greater amount of RAM and CPU power is required to successfully host larger websites. In case you have shared hosting, other websites on that server can pose a problem, and in case of a virtual server try to rent servers with a minimum of 4GB of RAM, so you avoid any problems in the future as your website is developed further

Keep in mind that the number of plugins and amount of content influences the performance.

Development of cheap websites? What are your thoughts on this topic?

In an ideal situation for each website, there should be a goal in mind while developing, after which the goals can shift as the website is modified and improved.

Companies that want to advance can not let their website stagnate. It needs to improve with them.

Of course, the decisions are made based on the size of the investment and other criteria, which, in some cases, are not ideal. Many people look at the website development as an unnecessary expenditure, and they want to make those same costs as low as possible, compromising the benefits and future income along the way.

We are not criticizing cheap website development and agencies that offer this kind of service that you can find online, but we are very critical towards bad web development. The website does not have to be expensive, but it must be well made.

No, we do not develop cheap websites!

Each website that is developed by our team must satisfy certain criteria that we assign for ourselves, and then the client's criteria.

Website development for us means good quality coding, proper semantics, structure, and architecture of the website, website speed optimization, basic code optimization, optimization of the technical aspects for browsers and better ranking on Google, signing the website for all the necessary services and security improvements of the website.

How does the choice of technology influences the website function?

All technologies advance over time, so does the process of developing websites, standards involved, and methods used. In a great number of cases, the choice of technology can be crucial for large platforms, while for smaller presentational websites, the backend technology doesn't matter much for speed, scalability, and sustainability.

There are specific technologies that have their intended use. If you manage to utilize them in the way they were intended, the results will always be good, but in the same way, if you take any technology and you approach it in a bad way, any project can turn out broken.

The great number of clients come to us after noticing that something is wrong, and it is mostly related to the following:

Website or application has issues, poor functionality

New problems are often detected

Adding even the simplest functionalities takes a lot of time

These are just some of the examples that the project is not set up the right way. A properly functioning website should be the goal of every developer, as well to shorten the amount of time required to finish smaller tasks, allow for easy code updates, and to increase the website security.

If you are using any of the CMS solutions, like WordPress, Drupal, or similar ones, in part, you are assigned the quality that is set by the people who created said CMS systems, so the custom CMS solution is probably the best option for you if you are thinking about larger systems or platforms.

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We are seeking and developing marketing strategies for businesses by integrating marketing concepts, best practices, insights, and research results with different approaches to influence behaviors that can benefit your business.

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If you are in e-commerce business or want to start with online sales, we are offering our support and services with custom shops or implementation of the common technologies like WooCommerce or OpenCart.



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We offer services in design and development from regular websites to booking systems, online payments, and scalable and fast applications based on popular technologies.



If you are not happy with the common content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. for websites with a blog, news, shop, or other editing feature, we offer our services in creating custom acontent management systems and admin panels with complex and powerful functions. Our complex content management systems are created with the API for further scalability and integration with mobile and 3rd party platforms.



For online payments with Visa, Master, Maestro, or other cards, you can use PayPal payment gateway, Stripe, 2Checkout, or other systems.


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