At Creative Brackets, success is a part of our DNA. While our people come from diverse backgrounds, we are more than driven by the same desire to reach everyday goals. Achievements connect us!

For everyone collaborating with Creative Brackets, from our partners to our interns, achievements mean making a positive impact – for our clients, our people, and society.

Employment selection

Process & Stages

During employment evaluation stages, we will learn about your background, current level of expertise, and desired goals that you might have in mind.

Application review

Sending a CV is your first step toward employment. Once we receive your CV, we will confirm that we have all the necessary information to start the review.


You will be asked to make a short written introduction about yourself. Write about who you are, and what are your goals, expectations, background and work experiences, if you have any.

Practical assignment

The practical assignment is the second stage of the process, and at this stage, you are one step closer to employment.

Personality testing

Choosing the right person can be a very difficult task for us. To understand better, we will send you a personality test.

Online presence

Our work is almost finished. We will check out your social accounts and your website if you have any.

Final interview

The final interview will be held in our office, and you will get the chance to see our company culture for yourself.

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Job Application

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Careers - Digital Agency - Creative Brackets
"Having to deal with professionals of different personalities, backgrounds, education, and experience makes you a more effective expert in your field."

- Dusan Jovanovic / Community Manager
Careers - Digital Agency - Creative Brackets
"The best part of social marketing is that we can track every goal and plan the improvements based on real data and results."

- Bojan Krstic / Social Media Team Leader

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