What do we value?

Great collaboration

Respect the people you work with

It is important to respect your team’s personal lives, as well as their time. Rewarding your team for their achievements brings you one step closer to providing better work quality to your clients.

Honor the client-company relationship

Whether your client is across the globe or just around the corner, there should always be mutual respect and understanding of the agreements you’ve made.

Being transparent

When it comes to building trust between the team and the client, transparency is very important. Great results are guaranteed when both sides commit to staying transparent.


Every team member is responsible for the success of the final product or solution, as well as for growing relationships with our clients.

Life inside Creative Brackets

Work hard, play hard.

We always strive to create the best working conditions, provide enjoyment and happiness. Sometimes, all we need is a challenging project and the right team.

What can we offer?

We will work for you and work with you.

We put the ‘T’ in the TEAM.

We don’t want to call ourselves your second family, but we will try to make it feel that way.

Dynamic work environment

The job of a full-service agency never stops. Every project is different and has goals that we want to achieve, or even better - surpass!

Flexibility of the work environment

We all need a change of location, surroundings, or even a small break during the week. You are free to work from home or another location from time to time.

Orientation and promotions

Want to change your job or simply try something new? No problem, we can help you during the process and lead you into the professional waters.

No overtime

We will try to protect you from overtime hours unless you want to "make it rain" and earn a little extra.

Personal Development

Mutual satisfaction is what we are aiming for, and personal development is where we will drive you to.

Bonuses and rewards

We promise that you will never be unnoticed or undervalued when it comes to your personal and professional behavior.

Company library

Want to read an interesting book, article, or magazine related to your field of business? Take what you can get from a company library, but don't forget to return it!

Professional tools

We will provide you with the best tools in the business, no matter the position.

Stress-free environment

No messy desks, loud colleagues, anxiety and bad coffee. Nothing can mess up your mantra.

A great place to start!


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