Co-founded by designers, developers and other IT specialists, Creative Brackets is a digital company that likes challenges, commitment and good people. With our walls covered in ideas and concepts, our team is always happy to help.

Good communication and collaboration with our clients is what we are all about since we prefer to work with them, not just for them.

We are a full service digital company

focused on results

By using the iterative approach, we at Creative Brackets are ensuring that the business goals are set properly and that the whole process will end with a satisfied customer.

Inspiring ideas and creativity

We all love our brainstorming sessions where it is all about moving boundaries, inspiration and being a little crazy, where every idea is a valid one. Paying the utmost attention to details, we make sure that none of the puzzle pieces are neglected or overlooked.

Expertise mixed with standard

Bringing together different types of expertise and people by mixing our creativity with a well known process and structure we are built to work smarter, faster, more effective and to deliver exceptional results.

Need someone passionate?

We are always enthusiastic about the story behind the brand or a product and we will commit ourselves to creating a remarkable value for your business.

Professional treatment

Since our every project is treated with genuine respect and dedication, you can trust us to be your guides in revolutionizing your company's brand and place your confidence in us.

Life inside Creative Brackets

Work hard, play hard

We always strive to create the best working conditions, provide enjoyment and happiness. Sometimes, all we need is a challenging project and the right team.

What do we value?

Great collaboration

Respect the people you work with

It is important to respect your team’s personal lives, as well as their time. Rewarding your team for their achievements brings you one step closer to providing better work quality to your clients.

Honor the client-company relationship

Whether your client is across the globe or just around the corner, there should always be mutual respect and understanding of the agreements you’ve made.

Being transparent

When it comes to building trust between the team and the client, transparency is very important. Great results are guaranteed when both sides commit to staying transparent.


Every team member is responsible for the success of the final product or solution, as well as for growing relationships with our clients.

Milos Lukic - Founder - Creative Brackets
"It’s all about creating something special and meaningful to all of us."

Miloš Lukić, Founder
Marko Platanic - Lead Developer - Creative Brackets
"Predicting user behaviour and developing smarter apps adds extra flavor to the morning coffee."

Marko Platanić, Co-Founder / Lead Developer
Collaboration, partnership, career

Collaboration, partnership, career

All for one
one for all!

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