Co-founded by designers, developers and other IT specialists, Creative Brackets is a digital company that likes challenges, commitment and good people. With our walls covered in ideas and concepts, our team is always happy to help.

Good communication and collaboration with our clients is what we are all about since we prefer to work with them, not just for them.

We are a full service digital company

focused on results

By using the iterative approach, we at Creative Brackets are ensuring that the business goals are set properly and that the whole process will end with a satisfied customer.

Inspiring ideas and creativity

We all love our brainstorming sessions where it is all about moving boundaries, inspiration and being a little crazy. Paying the utmost attention to details, we are taking care that none of the puzzle pieces are neglected and overlooked and where every idea is a valid one.

Expertise mixed with standard

Bringing together different types of expertise and people by mixing our creativity with a well known process and structure we are built to work smarter, faster, more effective and to deliver exceptional results.

Need someone passionate?

We are always enthusiastic about the story behind the brand or a product and we will commit ourselves in creating a remarkable value for your business.

Professional treatment

You can trust us to be your guides in revolutionizing your company's brand and show us your confidence since our every project is treated with genuine respect.

Life inside Creative Brackets

Work hard, play hard

We are always trying to make the best work conditions, provide enjoyment and happiness, but sometimes a challenging project and right team are all we need.

What do we value?

Great collaboration

Respect the people you work with

It is important to respect your team's personal lives and their time. Rewarding them for their achievements is always one step closer to better work quality.

Honor the client-company relationship

Whether your client is across the globe, or just around the corner, there should always be mutual respect and understanding of the agreements you’ve made.

Being transparent

Transparency is very important when it comes to building trust and satisfaction. Following that promise by both sides great results are guaranteed.


Every team member is responsible for the success of the final solution, as well as for growing relationships with our clients.

Milos Lukic - Founder - Creative Brackets
“ It’s all about creating something special and meaningful to all of us. ”

Miloš Lukić, Founder
Marko Platanic - Lead Developer - Creative Brackets
“Predicting user behaviour and developing smarter apps adds extra flavor to the morning coffee.”

Marko Platanić, Co-Founder / Lead Developer

Our dedicated team

participate in events

Creative Brackets

SPEAKERS @ Psychological counseling for students

  • "Let's talk about it" team for phychological counseling for students, invited us to join their panel and share our previous business experiences with the students. As the New Year's Eve is approaching, they prepared a forum with us among other guests to talk about our mistakes, failures and what drives us all to take bolder steps for a brighter future. Main topic was failure and how to learn from it and not be afraid of it.
Creative Brackets on Best Design Week event


  • This year three of our team members, participated in a Web Design workshop held for students of architecture, design and faculty of organizational science. The goals of the workshop were to show and teach the students about the whole process of one web project. From initial preparations, documentation, management, design, development and launch. Beside lectures, students need to create and finalize every process along the way and create a one-page website based on UX research and previous steps for only 7 days.
Creative Brackets on iRevolucija event


  • #iRevolucija2015 reveals the latest Internet trends, promotes good practices, encourages young people to start their own business, encourages internet entrepreneurship, to create new opportunities and community networks. #iRevolucija2015 through 6 lectures and 1 panel discussion contributes to the understanding of the latest internet phenomenon and explores the possibility of earning money on the Internet.
UI UX Designe at Social Change Hakaton


  • We worked for 48h without sleep with great enthusiastic people on creating an application which will be used for social activism. Our app was called “My Day” and is primarily intended for people who have a mild form of depression, people with depression and go to psychotherapy and / or medication drinkers, people who have prolonged periods of moodiness.
Speker at Best Design Week


  • Through research, persona creation, brainstorming, wireframing, prototyping, design etc. Three groups of creative people devised a mobile application for managing smart houses of the future. In addition, teams competed to obtain investments where they were introduced to the concept of pitch and prepared for the real situation with which they will be encountered later in their professional life.
Behance Portfolio Reviews


  • Workshops were held within this event where registered participants were able to show the group, to which they apply, one of their projects and discuss about it in order to get feedback. While focusing on participant’s work as group leaders for the web design workshop, we communicated to them our experience and knowledge during the entire time, or after the workshop.

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