For more than 2 years we have been providing our clients with stable, secure and powerful hosting plans. During the years we saw a need and clients showed us that they rely on our decisions and the way we care and handle their businesses and websites.

We are expanding our hosting services and would like to offer the same deals to anybody who wants to have their own server, and not to have their website on shared hosting alongside with the other 100+ websites with suspicious and unsecure content.

Hosting | VPS | Linu/Windows Hosting

Super fast environment for your cloud applications

Cloud server hosting

Our servers are perfect for those who are looking for an affordable solution optimized for both WordPress websites and more powerful resource-intensive applications for larger businesses video or gaming websites.

  • Cloud Servers
  • Dedicated
  • Hosting S

    2 Cores - Intel Xeon CPU E5 @ 2.2Ghz

    8GB memory

    200GB SSD Disk

    1 public IPv4

    Reverse DNS

    Not recommended for high performance websites, but for lightweight applications.

    8 €


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    Hosting M

    4 Cores - Intel Xeon CPU E5 @ 2.2Ghz

    16GB memory

    400GB SSD Disk

    1 public IPv4

    Reverse DNS

    Perfect for your WordPress website and other cloud applications.

    12 €


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    Hosting L

    6 Cores - Intel Xeon CPU E5 @ 2.2Ghz

    30GB memory

    50GB SSD Disk

    1 public IPv4

    Reverse DNS

    Excellent for one or more websites, even with high memory usage.

    28 €


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    More power?

    Up to 10 Cores

    Up to 60GB memory

    Up to 1600GB SSD Disk

    1 public IPv4

    Reverse DNS

    Want more power? Sure, contact us.

    From 50 €


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    Hosting S

    Intel Core i7 (4 x 2.66 GHz)

    12GB memory

    No SSD, 2000 GB HDD

    1 public IPv4

    Reverse DNS

    Not recommended for high performance websites, but for light weight applications.

    59 €


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    Hosting L

    Intel Core i7 (6 x 3,20 GHz)

    24 GB memory

    80 GB SSD, 2000 GB HDD

    1 public IPv4

    Reverse DNS

    Excelent for one or more websites, even with high memory usage.

    79 €


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    Hosting XL

    Intel Core i7 (6 x 3,20 GHz)

    64GB memory

    256 GB SSD, 3000 GB HDD

    1 public IPv4

    Reverse DNS

    Perfect server for any company with multiple demanding cloud applications.

    99 €


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    Hosting XXL

    2 x Intel Xeon 2 x (6 x 2.10 GHz)

    128GB REG ECC memory

    Up to 1T SSD,Up to 6TB HDD SSD Disk

    1 public IPv4

    Reverse DNS

    Professional solution for large development companies.

    119 €


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    * Contact us if you are interested and want more information about our hosting plans, if you are not sure which hosting is the best for you, more powerful servers or special offers. Presenting prices are for a flat fee per month. Server number is limited. You can have up to 10 volumes of disk space per server with each drive up to 150GB.

    Server features

    You can order an empty server with only Linux OS installed or
    have a completely ready to go hosting server for your websites and applications.

    Linux servers

    All our servers are based on Linux. We don't offer Windows based servers.

    Auto update

    Your server will be updated to the latest stable version with improved features.


    Backups can be scheduled or done manually. Full system backups are also available.

    Multi level protection

    We make sure your server is secure and protected using multiple layers of server protection.

    Unlimited email addresses

    Create as many email addresses as you like, it's your server after all.

    Unlimited domains

    You can add as many domains you want to the server just make sure you have the right hosting plan.


    We offer our support and management of the hosting servers so you don't have to worry about it.

    Optimized for speed

    All servers have installed performance modules and are optimized for better speed and caching.


    If you want ready to go server, we can install Sentora admin panel for easier management.


    All servers support IPV6. We can easily enable it for you.

    Root SSH Access

    Connect to your web server over SSH and have a root access. Knowledge of Linux is required.


    Servers have an additional network firewall that we can configure for you. Security is important to us.

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    Need someone to manage your hosting and website?

    Our team can provide quality support for your website and hosting so you don't have to worry about it.


    You should know

    If you are using shared hosting it means that your website is on the server with X amount of other websites that are not yours. It can be 10 or it can be 100, even 1000 of websites on the same server. That's why it's called shared hosting; you are sharing it with the people you don't know.

    Why shared hosting is bad?

    Beside your website, there are maybe websites that are infected with a virus, or websites that are doing some kind of scams or they are even illegal, you can never know this. There are some ways to find out, but many people don't know how to do it.

    Another bad reason for owning a shared hosting is that some hosting agencies just do not care what is on their servers. That's why we don't allow mass distributions of our servers and we don't sell shared hosting.

    Cloud servers are affordable

    Another reason why owning a shared hosting is bad is that you actually don't need to have your website on these kind of servers when you can have it on your own server, optimized for you specifically.

    Another bad reason for owning a shared hosting is that some hosting agencies just do not care what is on their servers. That's why we don't allow mass distributions of our servers and we don't sell shared hostings.

    If your current hosting allows connections over SMTP we can transfer all of your emails for you.

    Email migration can be arranged at any time, just contact us and have all requests and questions ready for us.

    No, we are not selling domain names.

    Our goal is providing quality servers for your cloud applications.

    For clients that want to have a regular hosting server for their applications we will install Sentora control panel.

    Sentora comes with a bundle of tools for managing your website. Some of the tools

    • FTP accounts
    • Mail
    • Mail Aliases
    • Mail Forwards
    • Mail Distribution List
    • Web mail
    • Domains
    • Parked Domains
    • Sub Domains
    • Database
    • PhpMyAdmin
    • Backup
    • Cron manager
    • Protected Directories
    • Service Status
    • Webalizer Stats
    • ...

    We are optimizing each website manually to serve your needs.

    If you have a Wordpress website, Drupal, Magento, powerful ecommerce website, news or some other cloud applications, before we setup your server, we will make sure that every setting is beneficial for you.

    If you want an empty server with only Linux OS you can have that also, just let us know what you are looking for.

    We take care of every server manually.

    The empty server

    The empty server is server with only the Linux distribution installed on it. Everything else is on you and you can do what you want.

    Ready to go server

    Ready to go server is a prepared server for your single or multiple websites and cloud applications. We will install and set everything you need for the best performance of your applications.

    If you don't know anything about the hosting or management, we can provide that service or you need to find someone to manage it for you.

    If you are not happy with the service during the first 30 days you can let us know and we will get your money back.

    We want to do the right thing

    Our friendly staff will contact you to see what happend and make sure to help you with the migration to another server.

    What if you paid for a full year in advance?

    If you ordered and paid for a full year, we will refund the amount equal to the value of the months after you requested to unsubscribe.

    You are the owner of your server, files and everything on it and reliable for everything that is happening with your website that is not under our control.

    What if your website crash?

    If your website crash, you can contact our staff to see what is the problem and try to fix it. Additional services like this are charged additionally.

    Server is not available?

    If you notice any problem with the server, let us know as soon as you can so we can fit it as soon as possible.

    Be aware that we monitor all servers and if something happend, you are in good hands.


    If you are interested about other issues or have other questions, feel free to contact us.

    4.9 5
    4.9/ 5

    “It was really painfull for us to manage our website. Sometimes, we had to wait more that a minute for WordPress admin to load so we had to do something about it but we didn't know what. Thankfully, guys from CB fixed the problem moving our website to their server.”

    4.9/ 5

    “This works great. When I click on the link the page loads instantly. Thanks guys. ”

    5/ 5

    “Having reliable website hosting is beneficial to a business when it performs well. When it doesn’t serve a business reliably, then it can hurt it more than it helps.”

    5/ 5

    “Thank you for pointing out the weaknesses of our current hosting plan and for this detailed analysis. We are now ready to complete the migration.”

    5/ 5

    “You were right. Everything works a lot faster now!”

    Marko Platanic - Lead Developer - Creative Brackets
    “Websites are tools that can change the world! We want to help because it all starts from quality hosting!”

    Marko Platanić, Co-Founder / Lead Developer

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