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5/ 5

“ We've been working with Creative Brackets on our new website. The process was smooth, fast, transparent. Milos and his team were amazingly positive, helpful and professional, with lots of great advice on how to optimize the site from a design as well as from a marketing point of view. What a great experience! ”

Nadezda Malalan - Nadalex
Alexis Malalan - Nadalex
5/ 5

“ Thank you for everything you guys did for me and for Thunder Strike, and it was much more than just developing a website. The most important, you gave me advices how to work on improving Thunder Strike and increase the popularity of my studio. To put it simply I am very satisfied.”

Andrija Radojev - Thunder Strike Games Studio
5/ 5

“Excellent and well-coordinated team that is always ready for new challenges. We worked together on the project "Design BEST WEEK 2016" where, besides good lectures, they demonstrated first-class skills in working with students on creating six new web sites of different topics. All compliments for the marathon work and continuous support to all participants until the end of the project, which contributed to the mutual satisfaction and a great experience for all. Their expertise, willingness to work, processes have raised the whole project to a higher level.”

Best Design Week 2016
5/ 5

“ As the company Gogoita Ltd, we are specially active in the management of holiday housing in Rome, the best Italian tourist destination. I had the opportunity to work closely with Milos and his team, while they were creating our website gogoita.com. We was able to admire and appreciate their technical expertise in the field of programming and development of web projects, and their knowledge, extreme seriousness and devotion to work. We have admiration especially for their amazing commitment in trying to meet all of our needs. Their approach to our project is awesome, and the result as you can check, really astonishing. Because of my superb experience we feel obligated to share this with everyone. We hope that you will find this useful.”

Marco Brunelli - Gogoita
Vladimir Trbovic - Gogoita
5/ 5

“Incredible, creative, positive, always ready to listen, help and support with a smile! The best team ever :) 5 stars from meeee! :)”

Francuski tost
4.9/ 5

“It was really painfull for us to manage our website. Sometimes, we had to wait more that a minute for WordPress admin to load so we had to do something about it but we didn't know what. Thankfully, guys from CB fixed the problem moving our website to their server.”

4.9/ 5

“This works great. When I click on the link the page loads instantly. Thanks guys. ”

5/ 5

“Thank you for pointing out the weaknesses of our current hosting plan and for this detailed analysis. We are now ready to complete the migration.”

5/ 5

“You were right. Everything works a lot faster now!”

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