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We will guide you through the entire process and explain how our SEO experts will manage your account to get the best results in search engine optimization.

Research & Analysis

After gathering the valuable info from our clients, we are involved in deep research about the current state of their website’s SEO, as well as the competition for different search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). Both on-page and off-page SEO analysis is conducted, including the research for a potential gain of healthy backlinks.


According to the plan we agreed on, with our clients, we create a long term search optimization strategy. Improving SEO is not just working on the client’s website, but also working on social media accounts and brand exposure in general as a part of the SEO marketing package.


We will always ask you to create or share your account credentials with us so we can examine and prepare for execution according to the SEO plan we created. In most cases, this involves working on multiple platforms with different search engine optimization strategies.


After we have a clear knowledge of the current state and access to everything we need to work with, our SEO managers will start optimizing and improving the state of your SEO while closely monitoring the changes in search engine rankings.


Depending on your website, it can take one or more days for search engines to position you again according to the changes and improvements we made. We found that the technical improvements made on your website are recognized and considered by major search engines faster. Technical improvements are a part of our report, and we will be happy to help.


Search engines are updating the rank of your website daily, and we can always see new results. SEO is about constant improvements, knowledge, and getting ahead of the competition.
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SEO audit

Do you know what kills your rankings?

Before you can decide on how much you wish to invest in SEO, you should know the current state of your website. We can analyze how well your webpage is optimized for key factors and reveal optimization errors that affect your page rankings.

Frequently asked questions

Competitor Analysis

In search engine optimization, competition analysis is important as much as the work you need to put into improvements.

SEO would not exist without competitors and for this reason, being able to rank on the first page on Google, Bing and other search engines is not just satisfying for you as a client, but it’s mandatory.

Users trusts Google and search engines that they show best results they can according to the information they have. This is probably why 90% of users are only looking at the first page of Google results and most of them find what they are looking for in the top 5 results.

Improving the rank of the website through SEO doesn’t involve just the work on the website. We need to show to search engines that your website, brand or product is exactly what they are looking for based on social networks, popularity, visits etc.

Which are the most important Google ranking factors?

The question people often ask is how to rank better on Google or what has an effect on their ranking.

Details of all the ranking factors are hidden inside a Google algorithm, which decides how much is a certain page visible and what is its position within the search results. Supposedly there are over 200 ranking factors involved.

Due to the change in the way people search, SEO strategy evolves as well. Things that affect the search results are the device used, location of the person searching, and browsing history also. The results a certain person sees on the top of the search results, someone else might see on the 4th position, while another person might not find the result on the first page at all. While ranking is a good way to determine the success of the SEO campaign, it is also very important to consider the aforementioned influences too.

What is the technical SEO review of a website?

A Technical SEO review of a website serves as a tool to find problems with the website from the perspective of the person browsing and recommends improvements. Review shows all the problems related to the website itself and the backlinks that might pose a problem to website ranking.

There are a lot of elements for analysis while conducting a technical review because the data is complex, and it has multiple sources.

How to determine the best SEO strategy?

There are a couple of very important rules to go by to have the greatest chance for ranking well for the chosen keywords.

You might have heard experts claiming that content is the most important element in SEO strategies, and for the most part, they are correct. Good quality content which contains the specific keyword and its variations and satisfies the user intent is often associated with better rankings.

But the content itself is not enough. Backlinks are also very important, but they are useful only if the links are thematically relevant and the reputation of the domain it links from is in good standing.

Another factor on which you should pay attention is On-page optimization, which we will explain in an answer to a related question.

Also, there are technical details. You must make sure that the website has good architecture, clean navigation, and internal linking - not only for the search engine but for the user as well.

Why does SEO take time to start showing results?

An SEO campaign needs time to succeed, as there are no simple ways to cheat the system anymore. Search algorithms have become more advanced with an emphasis on delivering the most relevant and best quality content to its users based on their search keywords.

To do a successful search engine optimization before, all it was required from you is to fill the page with the focus keyword and use as many links as possible. This way of doing SEO would return good results. Today, things have changed drastically, and applying this type of strategy would do more harm than good to your website rankings.

Where are keywords applied?

Using keywords too often can lead to overstuffing, and that is bad for any SEO strategy, and they definitely shouldn't be used unusually. In a general sense, the keyword you optimize the page for should appear within the page title, the first paragraph of your text, inside the H2 tag in the form of a question, and scattered around the rest of the page content.

How to do the keyword research for your SEO strategy?

When researching keywords, the first order of business is finding a suitable tool. The most common choice is Google Keyword Planner, but no matter which keyword research tool you choose to use, as a part of the next step, you should ask yourself a question about which themes are covered by your business or product.

Start from the widest possible theme to make a long list of potential keywords from which you will select a few to track. You might get to the conclusion that the words with a certain search volume get the most organic visits, so you decide to discard the rest. You might be searching for the keywords with the least amount of competition to rank without many problems. When you start to research wider themes, you leave yourself the possibility of choosing the most optimal keywords for your needs.

How does SEO change?

SEO is constantly evolving, and that is completely natural. It is irrelevant if we face the changes in search engine algorithms or the way users search, as all these events require us to adjust quickly. If we fail to do so, we risk suffering great losses in terms of organic traffic.

The biggest change lately is putting the focus on mobile devices. The largest number of searches made recently are using mobile devices, and this trend will continue to grow in the following period. As proof of the importance of this change, we can consider the introduction of the page load speed on mobile search engines as a ranking factor. Make sure you do not have any issues with browsing the pages of your website using mobile devices.

Does blogging have a positive influence on SEO?

Blogging is an efficient way to improve SEO performance and to rank for the desired keyword. By writing good quality blogs that are expansive and informative, you will easily cover wanted keywords within the industry you are a part of.

Does redirect has an influence on SEO performance?

Redirects are a part of linking content within your website. 301 redirects carry 90-99% of link value to the redirected page. In case you move some content through several different pages, and all redirections are still active, you will probably sacrifice a small part of link value and page load speed. It is always a good idea to remove all unnecessary intermediaries.

But not every redirect is the same. 301 redirects, where the page is moved permanently, are most favorable for SEO. As we mentioned before, they pass 90-99% of link value. 302 redirects, which point to a temporarily redirected page, could lead to greater losses. Meta refresh redirects are done on the page level and not on the server. These redirects are most commonly associated with the text "If you are not redirected in five seconds, click here.". Meta refresh redirects pass some of the link value but are not recommended as part of the SEO strategy. They should be avoided as much as possible.

How to do link building?

Internal links are built with the intent to use the value of their existing links. These links are built by linking between the pages of the same website. As an example, we will use this page. This page authority is strengthened by content coming from other pages with the subject of SEO on the same website.

Make sure you are linking pages that are already authoritative and well ranked. Do not go overboard with the number of links coming from these pages, because otherwise, this could lead to negative effects. After determining which page you are going to link, find the text that is most suited with the main keyword. After that, you can start linking.

Building external links is a process of searching for other websites to link your content. Think about who would want to link to your website. In most cases, people who link your content are from the same or similar area of expertise, who believe the content you provide will be of use.

There are different methods when talking about external link building, but in general, the road will look like this: find the pages that will have a use for your content, get the contact information of the author or administrator of the aforementioned page and then ask of them nicely to link to your valuable resources.

What is link equity?

Link equity is often referred to as link juice, and it represents the influence which that link passes from one page to another. Before the introduction of "nofollow" links, each link carried with itself some value, so the practice of spamming (linking as much as possible, not with the intent of informing but to gather traffic) was widely adopted.

During that period, it was not unusual to see several websites owned by the same person at the top of the search rankings, thanks to mostly useless and irrelevant links that lead to content without any connection to the theme of the website. Now it is possible to navigate using links with the "nofollow" attribute, which search engines ignore when indexing internet content, and that way they neutralize any value those links might carry with them.

The amount of value a certain link is carrying with itself is determined by using several criteria. Links coming from relevant content and respectful websites carry with them greater value than the links with irrelevant content, links coming from websites with a shady reputation, as well as links from headers and footers of pages.

What is the difference between “follow” and “nofollow” links?

The difference between "follow" and "nofollow links is that "follow" links carry with themselves certain value (link juice). That value is reflected in the ability of the link to improve the ranking of the website page within search results. "Nofollow" links have no such influence and are completely ignored.

What are SEO backlinks?

If we separate the internet into two categories, content and links between the content, we conclude that the search engines require a way to determine which pages are the most important for certain search terms. Essentially, we need a ranking system.

The quality and the number of backlinks that refer to a page are becoming a factor for ranking pages. Backlinks are essentially a vote of confidence from one website to another. The more quality backlinks you receive (the source website has a good reputation), the more favorable situation in the eyes of the search engine will be for your website. This will, in return, bring better rankings.

Do SEO meta tags matter?

Some meta tags are important, while others do not matter as much. Title tag (page title) and meta description (short page description) are very important because they tell the search engine what is the subject of a certain page. While creating these tags, you should pay special attention.

Meta robots attribute speaks to robots that search engines use to scan the content of your website about what to do with a certain page. It should be set to "index/follow" if you wish for search engines to index that page. Meta keywords attribute is a set of keywords that you consider important for a page. This attribute is outdated, and we shouldn't mind too much on the quality of its content.

Does HTTPS have an influence on SEO?

Since HTTPS is the more secure version of HTTP, Google views HTTPS locations favorably. It is always indexed first and serves as a ranking signal. Additional value is speed. Because HTTPS is a lot faster than HTTP, it will positively influence CTR (click-through rate). Therefore, do not have second thoughts, HTTPS is always a better choice.

What does keyword research entail?

Keyword research is a process of choosing the most important search terms which are thematically linked to your website. If we choose the business of selling fishing equipment as an example, and you realize that the search term "fishing equipment" has a greater search volume per month and less competition then the search term "fishing gear", you might want to change the content of the relevant page to adjust to the new keyword.

Essentially, the process of researching keywords comes down to determining the most optimal keywords (keywords that people use most often while searching for a certain product or service) and then optimizing the pages of your website to allow them to be placed high within search results.

How to start your SEO strategy in the best possible way?

In case you haven't done anything related to SEO, the first step would be applying some tools out of many available, where you will get insight into your current state of SEO. Most tools offer free editions or trial periods, which will be enough for now, and there are some entirely free tools out there.

Afer completed analysis of your website, you will find out which corrections you need to make, and some of them will be fixing broken links, filling out meta tags, or improving page load speed. When you are finished making corrections on the website, you can start creating quality content for your page.

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a set of techniques that you can use to improve the position of your website within search engine results. Many people relate Off-page SEO to link building, but that is only one part of the entire strategy.

Essentially, Off-page SEO is done using promotional methods, outside the website itself, with the intent of ranking better.

Unlike with On-page SEO, Off-page SEO is done outside of the website. The most important activities of this type are Link Building and Social Media Marketing.

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO implies the use of SEO tactics on the page itself, which you wish to optimize for the search engines. The tactics are editing the content and HTML code of the page. External links and other outer influences are not a part of On-page SEO optimization.

What does the term SEO stand for?

The term SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is the most cost-efficient way to increase the number of visits to your website. By proper usage of up to date SEO techniques, you can improve your rankings within search engines for relevant keywords, and by doing so, attract a lot more new organic visitors.

How long does it take to notice the results of an SEO campaign?

The thing we noticed is that the fastest changes, even after just 3-4 days, are the changes in technical nature. That means that if your website has any issues of this type, it would be best to deal with them as soon as possible. These problems are mostly solved by making changes to the coding of your website.

If we are talking about the changes in content or adding entirely new content, changes in rankings depend on the popularity of your website, meaning how fast will Google take that content into account. A good example is news websites, whose content appears in Google search results after just a few minutes.

Presentational, shops, or similar websites mostly have a period of 2-3 months during which Google and other search engines still decide which position is most stable among your entire content and for which keyword.

Of course, everything depends on multiple factors.

Which SEO tools does CB use?

Our team uses several tools, depending on the need. The main SEO software in our arsenal is the SEO Power Suite, followed by Lipperhey, Seobility, SeRanking, Moz, Ahref, Neil Patel's Ubersuggest, and many others.

How much influence does website speed has on Google Ads quality of the add?

Website page load speed does not have a direct influence on the optimization quality of your add or SEO, but if your website is slow to load user will leave the website in great numbers, Google will know that the quality of that page is not satisfactory, and will provide a better alternative to its users.

Does the Google bot check the speed of your website

No. The speed of your website does not influence directly the rankings themselves, and Google bot does not check the website speed.

Indirect actions that are related to time spent on the website, number of visits, and other parameters, have some influence on rankings.

What is more important, SEO, or Google Ads?

The answer to this question can't be one or the other. SEO and Google Ads should be used in the most effective way possible, and that is using both types of marketing.

Example 1:

If you are just starting or you are not satisfied with the ranking of your website, Google Ads are there to help people find your website. In this case, the best option would be to invest enough budget in ads while working on SEO at the same time.

Example 2:

In case the great number of users comes to you organically, Google Ads can be focused on keywords for which you aren't ranked well for. This way, you will not miss a single conversion.

The main goal is certainly well-developed SEO, because this type of advertisement is the most cost-effective long-term, offers the most value, and is reliable. Google Ads should be used in such a way to support organic search, and with good quality SEO, it requires a minimal budget. The rest of the money can be spent elsewhere.

This is the plan and strategy we develop with every client.

SEO Reports

Imagine if you could know which keywords your competitors are bidding on, which position they aim for, and the different types of creative thinking they use.

With this data, you could capitalize on their strengths and exploit areas where they are not as strong, right?

Here at Creative Brackets, we have access to data, which gives us the edge when executing clients’ campaigns.

Once our managers create your account and add it to the professional software they use for keyword monitoring, they will be able to see detailed reports per day for each keyword they are tracking.

SEO reports are usually generated biweekly, as well as at the end of each month.

Besides email updates, we are always letting our clients know about the state of SEO progress we have made during a certain period.

Every page for itself

The most common mistake is that you think it’s all about the website. Although it’s easier to explain how SEO works by talking about the website in general and most people only expect to see their website on the first page for a particular keyword, they tend to not pay attention to which page is related to that result.

In many cases, one page of your website has good results for multiple keywords that are not even related, and this isn’t a big problem... well, sort of.

If you sell a product and want to optimize for that particular product keyword, you wouldn’t want your users to see your contact page in their search results.

To understand it better - each page of your website should be optimized for multiple keywords that are related.

The results are different for everyone

It’s important to note that SEO results may vary for a lot of users.

Associated users will get more of the favorable results

An associated user is a user that is somehow already connected with the website or a location. Associated users are usually clients, owners of that website, returning visitors, etc.

This means that if you visit one website multiple times during the day, Google will guess that you are finding what you want to see there. Be aware that search engines know a lot about you by checking your browser history, cookies, locations, etc.

Search engines are all about the user experience and the results you see on them are optimized for different devices.

Mobile-friendly websites have a better reputation on search engines than websites that are not optimized for mobile devices.

Location and language-based results

Search results also differ for users that are using different languages and that are based in different locations, even if they are performing the search by using the same keyword.

SEO competitor analysis

In search engine optimization, competition analysis is important as much as the work you need to put into improvements.

SEO would not exist without competitors and for this reason, being able to rank on the first page on Google, Bing and other search engines is not just satisfying for you as a client, but it’s mandatory.

Users trusts Google and search engines that they show best results they can according to the information they have. This is probably why 90% of users are only looking at the first page of Google results and most of them find what they are looking for in the top 5 results.

Improving the rank of the website through SEO doesn’t involve just the work on the website. We need to show to search engines that your website, brand or product is exactly what they are looking for based on social networks, popularity, visits etc.

"Did you know that your SEO rank is changing daily?!"

Tools of the trade

Why do we use SEO tools, and are they that important?

You probably noticed that the internet is overwhelmed with “The best SEO tool”, “Rank tracker” or “Keyword density tool” search terms, and there is a genuine reason for that. Search engine tools are important, almost as much as the person who is using them.

How we pick the best tools out there

Each SEO agency has different methods to achieve the same goals. Our agency is focused on building the right team for the job, and as much effort we put in the team, the same amount goes in picking the right tools. We found our success in choosing a couple of them, both offline and online tools, that help us create, evaluate, and track the improvements within search engine rankings.

SEO relies on knowledge

There are a couple of leading search engines that you have surely heard of, but there are quite a few that you probably haven't heard of at all. All search engines are evolving and changing the way they rank your website, taking into consideration social presence, traffic, backlinks, content, etc. To understand everything, and to keep up with the updates is a matter of time, but ultimately it’s the knowledge you gathered that counts - and how you will use that knowledge. Many of the tools we are using are helping us educate ourselves, so we can be a greater asset to our clients.


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