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We will guide you through the process and explain how our SEO experts will manage your account to get the best results in search engine optimization.

Research & Analysis

After gathering valuable info from our clients, we are involved in deep research about the current state of the website’s SEO, as well as the competition for different search engines.


According to the plan we agreed on with our clients, we create a long term strategy. Improving SEO is not just working on the client’s website, but also working on social media accounts and brand exposure in general.


We will always ask you to create or share your account credentials with us so we can examine and prepare for execution according to the SEO plan we created. In most cases this involves working on multiple platforms with different strategies.


After we have clear knowledge of the current state and access to everything we need to work with, our SEO managers will start optimizing, changing…improving the current state while closely monitoring the changes on search engines and ranking.


Depending on your website, it can take one or more days for search engines to position you again according to the changes and improvements we made.


Search engines are updating the rank of your website daily and we can always see new results. SEO is about constant improvement and being ahead of the competition.

" Did you know that your SEO rank is changing daily?! "

Some questions


you need to know

In search engine optimization, competition analysis is important as much as the work you need to put into improvements.

SEO would not exist without competitors and for this reason, being able to rank on the first page on Google, Bing and other search engines is not just satisfying for you as a client, but it’s mandatory.

Users trusts Google and search engines that they show best results they can according to the information they have. This is probably why 90% of users are only looking at the first page of Google results and most of them find what they are looking for in the top 5 results.

Improving the rank of the website through SEO is not just working on the website. It’s showing search engines that your website, brand, product is exactly what they are looking for according to social networks, popularity, visits etc.

It’s important to know that SEO results may vary for a lot of users.

Associated users will get more of the favorable results

Associated user is a user that is somehow already connected with the website or a location. Usually associated users are clients,the owners of that website, returning visitors etc.

This means that if you visit one website multiple times during the day, Google will guess that it is the result you want to see. Be aware that search engines know a lot about you by checking your browser history, cookies, locations etc.

Website and mobile users get different results as well

Search engines are all about the experience and the results you see on them are optimized for different devices.

Mobile friendly websites have a better reputation on search engines than websites that are not optimized for mobile devices.

Location and language based results

Search results also differ for users that are using different languages and that are based on different locations, even if they are searching by using the same keyword.

The most common mistake is that you think it’s all about the website. Although it’s easier to explain how SEO works by talking about the website in general and most people only expect to see their website on the first page for a particular keyword, they tend to not pay attention to which page is actually related to that result.

In many cases, one page of your website has good results for multiple keywords that are not even related and this isn’t really a big problem.. sort of.

If you sell a product and want to optimize for that particular product keyword, you wouldn’t want for your users to see your contact page excerpt in their search results.

To understand it better - each page of your website should be optimized for multiple keywords that are related.

Imagine you had the ability to know what keywords your competitors are bidding on, what position they aim for and the different types of creativity that they use.

With this data you could capitalize on their strengths and exploit areas where they are not strong, right?

At Creative Brackets we have access to that data which gives us the edge when executing clients’ campaigns.

Once our managers create your account and add it to the professional software they are using for keyword monitoring known as SERP, they will be able to see detailed report per day for each keyword we are tracking.

SEO reports are usually generated every 15th of the month and at the end of each month.

Beside email updates we are always letting our clients know about the state and SEO progress we have made during a certain period of time.


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Users search using keywords and patterns which can sometimes be multiple words that are not forming a sentence. Understanding these keywords and knowing which ones are popular is what we do.

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SEO is long term, cost effective marketing strategy to reach more potential customers and compete with big players.


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