Speed affects your business in a big way. Slow websites lead to unhappy users, and a certain loss of revenue and retention. Nowadays, users are mostly surfing the internet on their smartphones over slow WiFi and 3G connections - but, they are still expecting great performance because waiting for a website to load on a mobile phone is twice as annoying.

Website Speed Optimization

Website speed optimization

is an important factor

Website speed may be the deciding factor that pushes one site ahead of the other in the organic rankings. It can set you apart from other businesses, and tell your users that you are considering their time.

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Performance means revenue

The relationship between performance and revenue is becoming the most important part (and a key differentiator) when separating good and bad businesses.

Speed affects your conversion rate

What’s the point if the website takes too long to load? Users will just move on, especially if they are using any mobile device. Yes, website performance matters, now more than before.

Maintain your search ranking

Major search engines like Google are factoring page load speed into their ranking algorithms. Faster websites have better rankings.

Protect paid search ads

Like organic search, Google penalizes companies' paid search results if their website takes greater time to load.

"Speed is a feature - an important component in better user experience, ranking on search engines, AdWords Quality Score, and accessibility for mobile users."

Frequently asked questions

Are you using CDN, and which one?

CDN is one of the ways how you can not only speed up your website but also provide more security and reliability. Many CDN systems offer additional functionalities which can provide many benefits to your website.

In essence, CDN systems should keep the copy of your website on several locations across the country, and to provide the same static content to a user that visits your website, from the nearest location available. The more the user is closer to the server, the website will perform better, and the content will be served much faster.

Our digital agency uses Cloudflare CDN for almost all projects as a default standard part of our services of developing websites and applications.

How much does image optimization matter for website performance?

It depends on the website type, but images can make up to 80% percent of your content, and as such, can be crucial for optimization.

A great number of websites do not care about the image size, so some pages can be quite large (over 10MB even), which can be too much even for desktop users, and especially for the people browsing using cellular data. Image size and any other resource influence the IO process, spending server hard drive, and bandwidth itself.

Images need to be optimized as much as possible and kept in .jpeg format unless there is a need for a transparent background.

The alternative to standard formats are .webp, and .svg which help improve website speed and resource management.

What is the standard website load speed?

While browsing the internet, you have probably found some of the reports made by big companies like AOL, Amazon, Bing, or others, who define the minimum amount of time users expect your website to load at two seconds. With each passing seconds after the minimum amount of time has expired, website load speed can hurt your business.

Does the "defer" option for loading static resources has an influence on Google rankings?

Using this technique, deferring resource load to improve website load speed, is a valid move according to Google standards and White Hat rules, so it does not hurt rankings.

"Preloading" is considered a safe and widely accepted technique.

Does the Google bot check the speed of your website?

It doesn’t. The speed of your website does not directly affect the ranking itself and the Google bot does not check the loading speed of your website.

Indirect actions related to the time spent on your website, the number of visits, and other parameters affect the ranking to some extent.

Do slow websites have an influence on sales?

Yes, of course. Any situation or reason which might lead to user having less confidence in your business, to think that the website is not reliable or get annoyed some other way, can harm sales and reputation of your website and brand.

Websites that take over 5 seconds to load have a big chance to be abandoned by visitors.

The most important reason why website speed matters

The most important reason for which the website load speed matters is because it is the first detail people notice about any website. It is very important in making the first impression.

Fast websites are considered professional and reliable, so they inspire confidence, while slow websites can make people angry, which is not good for any business. This should be avoided as much as possible.

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