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ROI oriented

If you are new to Google Ads and marketing of this kind, or your main goal is to get the most out of the campaigns, we suggest ROI oriented campaigns. These campaigns are specifically designed to improve your success by increasing the click-through rate and using the right keywords and ad groups.

Competition oriented

If you are in a competitive market, expanding your brand above your competition is the best marketing strategy for you. Our Google Ads managers will work on optimizing and developing quality ads for your brand that will drive potential away from your competitors and toward you.

Business oriented

It’s one thing to get a customer to your store, but to keep them is a whole different story. Business oriented marketing combines a good strategy to get customers, with deep business analysis for a better understanding of what your customers are doing and how they are using your website to improve sales.
Marketing expert that is assigned to take care of your account will schedule at least one phone call with you during the week, so you can always be up to date and notified on how your campaign is performing. Monthly Google Ads reports are a standard in our agency, but you can always request an additional report. Contact your Google Ads marketing expert and make sure everything is like you want it to be.

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Frequently asked questions

Advertising on Google or Facebook?

Both platforms can have a great impact on gathering and attracting new customers, but both are very different at their core.

The user that came to your website thanks to Google Ads has searched for a specific service or product at that very moment. As feedback to that query, your website has appeared in the search results, or as a paid advertisement, and in this way you have directly answered this request.

Ads on Facebook and Instagram function differently. You are the one that seeks customers by running campaigns, publishing posts, or by other actions. Those customers might not be looking for what you are offering them, as many people use social media to pass the time and are not in the mood for any offers.

Of course, remarketing can help a lot in this situation, so much so that your ads can appear to someone in a matter of seconds after the person views the product which you or others like you are offering.

How can I find out how much money does my competition invest in Google Ads?

Unfortunately, there are no ways to determine with certainty how much your competition invests in Google Ads.

How do broad keywords function?

In 2012. Google has revealed ways to modify broad keywords in 3 different ways:

  1. Extensive term
  2. Phrase matching
  3. Exact phrase

Broad keywords function in the way if you add a keyword "shoes+running", Google will show your add for search terms like "best shoes", "best running shoes", "running advice" etc.

Even though this functionality has been changed over the past years, it is considered to be guilty of spending budget by many today. Of course, we always like to suggest targeting exact focus keywords and searches that suit your business.

How much influence does website speed has on Google Ads quality of the add?

Website page load speed does not have a direct influence on the optimization quality of your add or SEO, but if your website is slow to load user will leave the website in great numbers, Google will know that the quality of that page is not satisfactory, and will provide a better alternative to its users.

What is required to become a Google Partner?

To become a Google Partner, you need to meet several requirements:

- Agency must fulfill the terms of campaign optimization and management

- Overall budget an all accounts in the last 90 days must be greater than 10.000 dollars

- Must take an online test

What happens if Google doesn't spend the daily or monthly budget?

If your campaigns fail to spend the whole daily or monthly allotted budget, some of the reasons could be that:

- Google Ads are shown to users, but they are not attractive enough, so fewer people click on them.

- Your campaigns are reaching their maximum. Check the size of the target group or expand the search, so more people can see your ad.

In case you need help with managing your ads, contact us!

Why my website changes position within Google Ads?

Over 83% of Google's income comes from ads, so it is very important that everyone that uses their marketing service and spend money on it stays satisfied. The rotation of your website within Google search results is a standard practice where every client gets satisfied, and everyone is given an equal chance. Of course, the price of a single click and how much you are willing to pay for that click will influence your appearance in the top 3 positions and how often.

What is more important, SEO, or Google Ads?

The answer to this question can't be one or the other. SEO and Google Ads should be used in the most effective way possible, and that is using both types of marketing.

Example 1:

If you are just starting or you are not satisfied with the ranking of your website, Google Ads are there to help people find your website. In this case, the best option would be to invest enough budget in ads while working on SEO at the same time.

Example 2:

In case the great number of users comes to you organically, Google Ads can be focused on keywords for which you aren't ranked well for. This way, you will not miss a single conversion.

The main goal is certainly well-developed SEO, because this type of advertisement is the most cost-effective long-term, offers the most value, and is reliable. Google Ads should be used in such a way to support organic search, and with good quality SEO, it requires a minimal budget. The rest of the money can be spent elsewhere.

This is the plan and strategy we develop with every client.

Do I get a discount if we cooperate on multiple projects or services?

90% of our projects and client cooperation is long term. Because of the way we cooperate and the results we achieve together, clients enjoy the respect, and we enjoy the trust they confide in us.

If you have multiple projects or you wish to let us be responsible for multiple services, we can offer you a service discount, but we certainly think that you are here for quality and reliability, rather then cost reduction.

In your experience, what is the minimum budget required to make a boom in our region?

Even though this depends on the industry, competition, and many other variables, the thing we noticed is that for Google Ads, the budget of a minimum of 1000 EUR per month is the amount to strive for.


If you made a thorough Google Ads research and social media marketing, you probably realized that Google, like Facebook, is a company that wants to earn money, so every campaign that lasts longer and has a greater budget has a tangible advantage over other campaigns.

When it comes to Google Ads, it is called an auction, and other advertisement platforms work based on the same principle.

Considering the market itself and standards in our country, the budget of 1000 EUR has proven to be the budget you can rely on, at least in our case so far. This means that if you invest a smaller budget, every competitor of yours with a bigger investment will have an advantage over you, so the results may wary on monthly basis.

Of course, if you are in the industry where there is no strong competition or the average budget is smaller, then the said budget is more then enough.

Smaller companies or businesses who only just start with their advertisements usually start with the budget of 100 EUR, 300 EUR, or 500 EUR and gradually continue to increase the budget up until there is no effect or ROI diminishes to the level which is not desired.

We are here to help you out in this transition and we are the ones who take care that you are using your money in the best way possible.

Are there special benefits for people who are just starting out?

You can always contact us and exchange experiences, ideas, and consult with us related to the project and cooperation.

Our marketing agency is a Google Partner and can offer you coupons (promo codes) for the first campaigns you create with us.

An example of the coupon Google offers: 

Spend 100 EUR for a month, get 100 EUR back.

Are you charging fixed fees or percentage-based for Google Ads services?

If you sent an inquiry, we have probably already replied with an offer in which you can notice the packages with fixed and percentage-based prices, relative to the budget. Of course, these packages are more of a framework agreement and are there to make the choice easier, but we recommend making a deal and creating custom package according to your activities, goals, and investments.

How often is Google Ads account managed?

As we mentioned before, several different campaigns can be managed. The frequency of Google Ads management depends on the longevity of the campaign, goals, and budget, so it can vary from several times a day to once every two or three days.

Bear in mind that the campaign optimization is done in stages, and time (or data gathered) is the key detail in further improvement.

If you already work with us, you have probably noticed there is a folder in our office with your name on it and many reports, observations, and comments which help us in our work.

How much money should I invest in Google Ads if just starting out?

If you are starting a new business, making your first website, or trying out online advertising, but you are not sure about how much money to invest, there are several things you should consider.

You must determine which criteria are you calculating the return on investment. This depends on whether you are advertising services or products, and on which platforms and channels you wish to do it.

If you have an online shop, calculating the return on investment is done in the following way:

ROI of the product = (( Income - Product price ) / Product cost ) * 100%

If you are advertising services, return on investment is calculated in the following way:

ROI = (( Total income - Total expenses ) / Advertising expenses ) * 100%

If it is necessary to do a simpler calculation for advertisement payoff, you can do it by calculating Cost Per Acquisition.

The Cost Per Acquisition is calculated in the following way:

CPA = Campaign cost / Sales

Cost Per Acquisition, CPA, should not be greater than the profit made through that particular acquisition, otherwise, your campaign is not paying off.

Now that you know how to look at the basic values, we need to look at this process if you are advertising on multiple channels.

When just starting, you probably do not have a clearly defined budget allocation plan. In short, the more channels you have, the more your total investment must be split apart.

In cooperation with you, depending on the industry, prior experience, and an agreement we make together, we define the primary plan for budget allocation for different platforms. Most new brands use social media to advertise, alongside Google, so the new budget plan is developed with that in mind.

In the following period, usually one month, all advertisement channels and Google Ads budgets are monitored and modified based on results.

Analytics monitoring and campaign optimization are very important for the return on investment to be as greater as possible.

The goal of this test period is to determine exact budget allocation by platforms, products, or services, and planning the budget increase so we got the most from each channel.

How is ROI calculated?

Return on Investment or ROI is calculated in any of the following ways:

In case you have an online shop, calculating the Return on Investment is done like this:

Product ROI = (( Income - Product cost ) / Product cost ) * 100%

If you are advertising services, the Return on Investment is calculated like this:

ROI = (( Total income - Total cost ) / Advertisement cost ) * 100%


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