Backlinks play an important role for users, search engines, and businesses. With backlinks, users can explore thematically related content, search engines can discover new content on the Internet and improve the display of results, while businesses can improve their SEO status.

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About backlinks

Backlinks play an important role for users, search engines, and businesses. With backlinks, users can explore thematically related content, search engines can discover new content on the Internet and improve the display of results, and businesses can improve their SEO status.

The definition of a backlink is a link from one website to another. In this case, when we talk about backlinks, a backlink is a link from another website to yours. They are important for several reasons: they help search engines find and index the content of your website for search results, help users explore your website and find content that matches their interests, and help search engines determine the quality and authority of websites and content.

In the context of an SEO campaign, backlinks are an important factor in ranking your website. In 2016, a member of the Google team confirmed that backlinks are among the three most important ranking factors.


How to get backlinks for your website

Getting backlinks is not as easy as when you create content and then wait for links. If you are a new company or are still working on scaling traffic to your website, it takes effort to get backlinks from other websites.

Some of the possible channels for getting backlinks to your website are:

  • Set up Google Alerts for your brand or business name. If we notice that someone has mentioned your company on a website that does not include a link, we ask for a return link by sending a friendly email.
  • Tell the local newspaper about something you did recently. There is a chance that they are looking for interesting news, and success or similar stories are always popular.
  • Finding a website or blog that seeks input from industry experts. If you can write expert texts on specific topics related to your business, this is a great choice. It is possible to include a link to the website within the author's signature or in the body of the text.
  • Creating tempting infographics and offering the same on multiple websites. They will attribute the infographic to your website, which can be a very strong backlink if reposted on a popular location.
  • Link someone else first. This may sound strange, but if you include a link to someone else in your blogs or pages, they may return the favor later.
  • Submitting the website to business directories. Subscribing to some of the business directories will increase the website's exposure to visitors and get backlinks to your website. We select only those directories that have a good reputation and that are related to the area of ​​your business.
  • Leaving a link in the comments on forums and blogs. Posting comments on thematically relevant blogs and forums can attract the attention of visitors, and with a text comment, it is possible to place a link to your website. Carefully thought-out text on the content of this type can greatly increase popularity.
  • Create content that is thematically close to your industry. Sometimes it’s hard to make a market breakthrough that is the focus of your business. The cause is usually very strong competition, so the separation from the others is very slow or almost impossible in a short period. Then it is a good idea to create content that is indirectly related to your business, and where the competition is lighter.
  • Microsites and their use for SEO purposes. Microsites are websites that are usually made up of only one page, are located on another domain, and serve as a presentation or marketing for your business. They can easily be used to increase the number of backlinks to your main website.
  • Creating coupons on coupon websites. Placing coupons on coupon websites will successfully increase website sales and traffic, while backlinks to your website improve your ranking in search results. We choose coupon websites that are closely related to your business, to avoid Google penalties and to optimize success.
  • Guest Posting. Guest Posting (Guest Blogging) is the process of writing content for publication on other websites. It is an exchange of written content for backlinks and is a very effective SEO strategy.
  • Job or internship ads. Placing a job or internship ad can have a huge positive impact on your SEO campaign. They serve as backlinks that will improve your position in terms of authority. The ad should contain a link to your website, either as a source of additional information or a way for candidates to apply.
  • Google My Business. By opening and running a Google My Business account, you can greatly influence your popularity and performance in your website's search results. This way you improve your business without any risk.
  • Backlinks from social networks. Although backlinks from social networks are "no-follow", social signals have a very positive effect on the success of the website. They are an important ranking factor, the audience they can engage is not negligible and people often visit the links within the posts on various social networks.
  • Backlinks within PDF files. Google treats links within PDF files in the same way as those in HTML. Not only that, but these links also pass PageRank. This makes them very useful in an SEO campaign.
  • YouTube and backlinks. Getting a backlink from YouTube is very valuable. By opening a YouTube account, you create the ability to create video content that can be reposted elsewhere and the ability to create backlinks for your website.
  • Aiming for competitors' links. Using specialized tools, we can access the link profile of your competitors. This way we can gain insight into high-quality and important websites that link to your competitors, and then present your content to those same websites to get backlinks.
  • Set your content as a 404-page solution. Invalid links or 404 pages can be used for quick success in building backlinks. Scan the desired websites for the existing 404 pages. If you have relevant content, offer it to the website owner.

What can have negative consequences

It's important to follow all the current Google Webmaster guidelines when building your backlink portfolio.

For example, Google recently issued manual penalties to websites with link profiles that seemed unnatural. This followed warnings sent a few weeks earlier, where bloggers were told to reveal reviews of products they received for free and put “no follow” on any external links when it came to those products.

This practice of exchanging free products (or services) for a positive review has been in place for a long time, even though it falls within the gray zone of Google's guidelines. The penalties that Google distributed to those who did not heed the warnings showed how important it is to follow all events and changes.

Penalties of this type can lead to partial or total de-indexation of content, which is detrimental to organic traffic.

Tactics to avoid in a backlink-building campaign are buying links and using link generators. There are two very good reasons why we should build links manually. Purchasing links violates the guidelines set by Google and may result in penalties and exclusion of the entire website from search results. Besides, when you buy links, you cannot be sure of the quality and this can again lead to penalties.

Cheap backlinks are cheap for a reason and buying links will not put you ahead of the competition.



We will create a quality campaign for your needs

Instead of buying links, we can help you create the perfect link-building program. Believe us when we tell you that there are no cheap and easy ways to collect hundreds of high-quality links for your website unless you have content that becomes very viral. By buying links, you are gambling with the future of your website and thus your business.

Another important thing is the location of the link within the page. If someone puts your link on their website because they think your website is great it means a lot more than when you create a profile on a random website and leave the link yourself.

It's no secret that content is the key to success in creating an outstanding portfolio of backlinks. One of the four types of content that generates the most backlinks is visual content. These include images, diagrams, infographics, charts, and other visually-oriented content. This kind of content is easily linked. For example, when you post a chart on your website, you get a link every time someone shares that same chart on their website. This powerful synergy of images and links does not exist in the textual content.

Another type of content that is often linked is posts with lists of any type (top 10 lists on different topics and similar). Such content in a concise way presents a large amount of information. They often outperform other forms of content, be it videos, quizzes, or infographics.

The third type of content is original research and data. Content that reveals new information from a particular industry. Statistical data is very simple and is often linked. When someone links your data, they link your website at the same time. Once started, links like this build up very quickly.

Finally, we have a fourth popular type of content - comprehensive guides. Extensive resources cover everything that someone may be interested in within a particular area. This amount of information in one place makes your website very important.

Our agency is at your service

Thank you for reading us. Link building is a very sensitive and important topic. Here we focus on the quality of services and we can boast of vast knowledge in the field of digital marketing. We avoid any suspicious techniques and do everything we can to comply with Google's guidelines. We are completely transparent and we share every step of the campaign with you. We don't risk jeopardizing your business, we care about your success - and of course - we love what we do.

The combination of knowledge and application of proven software will ensure the progress of your website and business.

- - - -

Do you require some help with your SEO Strategy for your business?

Leave us a message for more information, and check out our service page.

Dusan Jovanovic

Dusan Jovanovic

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