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Ukratko is a product of our creative team and a desire to give back to the community and others who wish to take a new road toward IT.


For this project we had a toughest client of them all…ourselves. Ukratko is a product of our creative team and a desire to give back to the community and others who wish to take a new road toward IT.

The story

We are digital! That’s right, we are digital! Yes, we are humans but we breathe what we do and we love it. We are surrounded by professionals with a will to help others, to share their knowledge and experience with everyone whom are willing to ask and learn.

Like every story, this began one day in the week, we were talking about technologies and our interns were involved in a big discussion about IT in general. There was a lot of internet search involved and looking for some answers, examples, trends etc.

Then…it just hit us. Why not having the one main stream service that will not stand in a way and consume a lot of time from us, that will inform us and keep us updated, kept us in the game.

So…one idea after another and Ukratko was born.


Our goals are always simple. Give users what they want and in this case is the way to find, learn and improve.

Ukratko offers:

  • IT news to keep you updated
  • Events calendars and meetup locations
  • Books and literature for any IT specialist
  • News from gaming industry when lights are off

Beside the clear goals for our users we had the opportunity to work on a project that can be described as a startup and to witness a creation of the brand.


Being in business means you need to reinvent the wheel now and then or create something new. For us, Ukratko is more than a project, it was a chance to show that we can launch a product that will work and that people would be in loved with.


For less than 3 months, we were able to attract and have more than 50K visits on all of our platforms together.


For development of this project we used our custom CMS system based on PHP with API support. Since our CMS is used for other client based project we equipped it with the caching mechanism for faster open rates.

Both Android and iOS applications are developed in Framework 7, which is HTML and Java Script framework for developing hybrid mobile applications.


At the time this article was written, Ukratko had:

  • More than 5 000 returning users
  • 50 000 visits per month
  • 1 500 written articles
  • 600 app downloads
  • 5+ “I love you” emails from fans
  • Great comments regarding design


Check it out yourselves… Ukratko website.


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