InnoVation has arrived to our region and it's called InnoSchool.

Regional agency for development and European integrations (RAREI) presented a project under the patronage of European Union that goes by the name of "InnoSchool".

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We are always gladly accepted as guests on the projects regarding development of entrepreneurial consciousness and education.

Regional agency for development and European integrations (RAREI) presented a project under the patronage of European Union that goes by the name of "InnoSchool". The project introduction took place on December 24th, 2018.

"It is our great pleasure to be a part of this endeavor and have been presented this opportunity to participate in expanding and showcasing the project to the masses as a digital agency, all with the goal of strengthening the entrepreneurial culture and encouragement of youth, as well as high school institutions, in the field of social innovations and entrepreneurship."

- Milos Lukic / Creative Brackets

InnoSchool is involved with systematic changes which are necessary for strengthening of entrepreneurial culture and increased engagement of youth in the area of social innovations and entrepreneurship.

RAREI highlights the general goal of this project, and that is encouragement of entrepreneurial spirit in high school students in a way which incorporates development, testing and introducing innovative "InnoSchool" system of learning into existing teaching methods on this subject in high schools that have it in their list of elective courses.

InnoSchool has 11 project partners involved in it, as well as 6 adjoined strategic partners, and they all work together to create unique partnership based on following basic expertise:

  • Social innovation / strengthening of entrepreneurship
  • Influence on education
  • Serious aspects of games / ICT
  • Making politics and responsibilities of creating educational plans and programs easier.

The fact is that InnoSchool will be piloted in 9 countries and 90 high schools in total, and it tells us much about the seriousness of this project funded by the European Union.

Those present during the introductory presentation could find out that the project is in the early days of its life, and as its representatives have said it, high school professors and principals are more that welcome to join the further planning phase of InnoSchool project, which will enter its final stage of realization during 2021.

As a result of the first part of the project, with mutual efforts, teaching staff from 10 selected schools will be tasked with making the concept for an interactive game, online simulation which will help test social innovations and entrepreneurship ideas, and in that being of great help to students as much as professors in getting most out of the subject.

The aspect of inter-school competition and the use of social media networks helps the activities of teaching systems.

We invite all high schools in the region to get involved in the project so that we can innovate our educational system together. Also, we hope that our colleagues from other media and PR agencies will join us and be among the first to share the details of this endeavor.

We would like to extend our thanks to representatives of RAREI organisation, colleagues from Pink & White agency and educational staff of high school institutions that wish to participate in the project.

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RAREI / Biljana Jončić

RAREI / Marija Janjić

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