Best Design Week invited us as speakers and workshop leaders

Best Design Week is local design and branding seminar that will be held this year, for the ninth time in a row, in Belgrade.

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Best Design Week is a local design and branding seminar that will be held this year, for the ninth time in a row, in Belgrade. The event will last from May 18th to 25th and it's organized by the Association of European Students of Technology - Belgrade.

Students from all faculties of the University of Belgrade will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and lectures of eminent lecturers in the field of branding, graphic and web design, and digital photography.

This year, we got invited to participate as a company which is both exciting and a great opportunity for us to give something back to the community, share our knowledge, experience, and tricks of the trade with young minds that will attend the Best Design Week workshop.

The concept of the workshop

The workshop will start on the 18th of May and will last for 7 days. During the course of these 7 days, our team will hold a Web Design Advanced workshop from 18h to 21h each day.

The idea regarding the Web Design Advanced workshop is to educate students about the principles, process, standards, and cooperation within a team, simulating real-world situations and client interactions.

The event schedule:

  • 18th - Event opening;
  • 19th - Introduction; Organization by teams; Project assigning; First Panel discussion;
  • 20th - UX Lecture/Panel Discussion; Mockup and sketch workshop;
  • 21st - UI Lecture/Panel Discussion; Design workshop;
  • 22nd - Development Lecture/Panel Discussion; Development workshop;
  • 23rd - Revisions; Client interactions; Improvements;
  • 24th - Project development; Presentation skills lecture/workshop;
  • 25th - Presentation of projects; Event closing;

Projects and assignments

We will divide students into 5 teams. Each team will have two developers and one designer.

Each team will be assigned a project, a one-page website designed and developed to engage its users the right way.

Each project will have its purpose, goals, targeted audience and we will provide each team with the project briefing that can be used as a starting point for the project development.

Following projects will be assigned randomly:

  1. Fashion brand in need of a landing page for its collection of bags, optimized for the targeted audience with a goal of maximum conversion rate.
  2. Timepiece boutique with two lines of products.
    1. One will target the audience that wants to purchase luxury items and expensive brands.
    2. Others will target the audience with smaller purchasing power that is looking for affordable watches.
  3. Startup company launching its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and looking for a website to introduce the project and team to the audience, as well as invite them to fund their project.
  4. Instagram landing page concept. The team that will be assigned to this project needs to create the concept for the Instagram homepage. The goal is to SELL Instagram to the users that are not using this social network, but also to give something to the ones that have already signed up.

Projects require imagination, research, optimization for conversion, and other skills like teamwork, dedication, and professional expertise.

Speakers and workshop team

Miloš Lukić / CEO
( Workshop leader, speaker )

Ivona Petrović / UI/UX Designer
( Workshop leader, speaker )

Marko Platanić / CTO
( Lead Developer )

Nikola Cvejić
( Junior Designer )

Ivan Nedeljković
( Junior BE Developer )

Danilo Stanojević
( Junior FE Developer )

What to expect and why to be excited

Our team will give its 100% to make this the best BEST. Besides the lectures, panel discussions, and involvement in the project our team will be dedicated to sharing the knowledge, tricks of the trade, and practical tips that we as a digital agency experienced working with our clients.

We will also be engaged to share photos and videos from the workshop and have video and photography equipment on site.

For the participants of the event we will giveaway Dribbble invites but more on that topic over the course of the following few days.

Why are we excited

This will be the third time for our CEO, Miloš Lukić, and CTO Marko Platanić to participate in the event as speakers and workshop leaders (2014, 2016) and the whole team takes great pride in that fact.

Participating in an event like this requires a lot of preparation, teamwork, and good execution which will not be a problem because we already have some history with BDW but we didn't realize that the job we did back in 2016 was really great.

This is the email that we got from the organization (they agreed we can share it in this blog post) and we are showing it to you because this makes us really happy and more determined to be even better this time around.

Want to stay updated?

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If you want to follow Best Design Week, go to their account.

The official hashtag for the event: #bestdesignweek

Thank you for the time

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