Google wants to help you stop DDoS attacks

Google unveiled a service designed to protect websites from cyber-attacks. The service is called Project Shield and it is designed to stop silencing and hurting free expression online, the common problem for human rights, news, elections monitoring sites and others.

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At the Google Ideas Summit in New York back in 2013. Google unveiled a service designed to protect websites from cyber-attacks.

The service is called Project Shield and  it is designed to stop silencing and hurting free expression online, the common problem for human rights, news, elections monitoring sites and others.

"Just about anyone who's published anything interesting has come under an attack at some point," Project Shield leader George Conard tells Wired.

There are many websites vulnerable to this kind of attack, especially the websites that are not using a content delivery network (CDN) or a major hosting provider that can help them prevent the attack. We were all wondering what is happening with this service that originally had around 100 users as Wired say:

Today Google Ideas, recently renamed Jigsaw, is opening Project Shield to applications from any “independent” news site—in other words, one that’s not owned by a government or political party. -

DDoS attacks are very common, to prove that Google, in partnership with security firm Arbor Networks unveiled the Digital Attack Map. An interactive map that shows a live data visualization of DDoS attacks around the globe.

What is DDoS attack?

Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS is an attack on a machine or a network that can either crash or stop the services of the host by flooding the host from multiple sources. Common analogy for DDoS attack is having a group of people crowding the entry door of a shop, not letting real customers to enter which disturbs the normal operations or stops it.

Project Shield

Project Shield service is free for now and you can apply for it on their website, read what it takes for you to qualify, how to get started and how your data will be used.   If you think you need this service check it definitively, until then, if you need help with how to prevent the DDoS or similar attacks write us in comments section.

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