Creative Brackets and ASKA partnership marks the new age of collaboration!

The month of March has left its mark on 2019 when our first collaboration took place, as well as an official partnership with the team from the portal and “Our Aska” association.

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The month of March has left its mark on 2019, when our first collaboration took place, as well as official partnership with the team from portal and “Our Aska” association.

It is our great pleasure to be able to join forces with Editor-in-chief Bojana Kesić, Director Spasoje Sredanović, and – of course – Mima Fazlagić, people you have probably already heard about, as well as other members of the ASKA team.

Why do these partnerships matter?

We like to say that the good things are those that are constantly improved upon, but there is a certain threshold in expanding the services which we do not want to cross. We want to be the best in those specific areas of expertise we already have in offer, and while we provide digital solution services to our clients, PR, video production, TV appearances and journalism are definitely required, but weren’t in our catalogue of services until now.

We strongly believe this partnership, as well as any future one, will prove to be a step in the right direction towards our advancement and reaching new professional goals.

What can YOU expect in the following period?

During the following period of this partnership, expect to see promotional offers and services unlike any other in our arsenal so far.

More information about this cooperation and ways you can cooperate with us, can be found on our website.

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