Which is more important, SEO or Google Ads?

Nikola Kalincevic
Nikola Kalincevic
19/05/2020   /   0

The answer to this question cannot be one or the other. SEO and Google Ads should be used in the best possible way, and this is just the case when you use both types of marketing channels.

Example 1:

If you're just starting or ranking your website isn't enough, Google Ads are here to help you rank your website. In this case, it is best to invest a sufficient budget in advertising, but also to work on improving SEO rankings.

Example 2:

If more users are coming organically, you can focus Google Ads on keywords for which you haven't optimized your website well. This way you won't miss out on any conversions.

The goal is certainly well-developed SEO, because this type of advertising is the most cost-effective in the long run, provides the highest value, and is reliable. You need to run Google Ads to the extent that they help organic search, and with good SEO this means minimal budgets that you can use elsewhere.

This is exactly the plan and strategy we develop with each client.