Which are the most important Google ranking factors?

Creative Brackets
Creative Brackets
02/06/2020   /   0

The question people often ask is how to rank better on Google or what has an effect on their ranking.

Details of all the ranking factors are hidden inside a Google algorithm, which decides how much is a certain page visible and what is its position within the search results. Supposedly there are over 200 ranking factors involved.

Due to the change in the way people search, SEO strategy evolves as well. Things that affect the search results are the device used, location of the person searching, and browsing history also. The results a certain person sees on the top of the search results, someone else might see on the 4th position, while another person might not find the result on the first page at all. While ranking is a good way to determine the success of the SEO campaign, it is also very important to consider the aforementioned influences too.