What is the book of brands, or the book of graphic standards?

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The book of brands, or the book of brand identity, contains guidelines and main design attributes of a brand.

The book of brands can contain the following elements:

  1. Colors and guidelines for the use of color
  2. Symbols and usage rules
  3. Sentences, slogans, and other textual content which can be an integral part of the brand
  4. The general look and esthetic rules which must be followed
  5. Image view rules and what they must contain
  6. Proper usage of a logo and how not to use it
  7. Rules for vehicle branding and printed material

The book of brand graphic standards can be both printed or digital. What matters is that every member of the company's creative department must be familiar with the rules mentioned in this book, because this is the only way to secure consistency and the feeling of the brand.


It is December, New Year is approaching fast, and the holiday show is playing on TV. At one moment, the show is interrupted with a commercial in which we can see some snow, a family, a cheerful and recognizable song, and a truck with a Coca Cola writing on the side. Even before the commercial takes off, we already know the brand in question. This is the brand recognisability we are talking about.