What is the best time to post content?

Creative Brackets
Creative Brackets
19/05/2020   /   0

It all depends on your audience. When are they available, when do they expect to see your post, where are you located, are there special occasions scheduled for that day, etc.

Social and other events can have a big influence on the time of posting. A good example is holidays, as many social media users are expecting posts, greetings, or sales, right at that time, and that is the reason to pay closer attention to what is happening and visit their favorite social media platform more often.

The best way to determine the correct timeframe in which you should post can depend on the focus group. Are those people that go to work, are those younger people, older people, people who have finished watching a certain movie in a movie theater, and similar.

Of course, to determine the best timeframe, you should take a look at the statistics. We, as an agency in the business of managing social media, use several tools that help us in account analysis and determining a correct timeframe during which you should post.