What is PPC ad spend?

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19/01/2022   /   0

Advertising spending is the budget of your ad network. It amounts to how much you're willing to spend on ad networks, whether in a year or a month.

In most cases, companies use advertising costs as their monthly budget. As an example, consider a company budget with a monthly ad spend of 5,000 USD:

  • Total monthly spend on ads: 5,000 USD
  • Spend on Facebook ads: 800 USD
  • Google Ads spend: 2500 USD
  • Spending on Instagram ads: 800 USD
  • Spending on Microsoft advertising: 900 USD

With PPC advertising, you can create advertising spend that meets the needs of your business and audience. Whether you want to spend your entire ad spend on a single ad network, such as Google Ads, or multiple ad networks, you have complete control over it. If you are not sure where to invest (or even how much to spend), ask us.

We have managed a large number of PPC campaigns and can provide reasonable advice for your business.