What is more important, SEO, or Google Ads?

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Creative Brackets
19/05/2020   /   0

The answer to this question can't be one or the other. SEO and Google Ads should be used in the most effective way possible, and that is using both types of marketing.

Example 1:

If you are just starting or you are not satisfied with the ranking of your website, Google Ads are there to help people find your website. In this case, the best option would be to invest enough budget in ads while working on SEO at the same time.

Example 2:

In case the great number of users comes to you organically, Google Ads can be focused on keywords for which you aren't ranked well for. This way, you will not miss a single conversion.

The main goal is certainly well-developed SEO, because this type of advertisement is the most cost-effective long-term, offers the most value, and is reliable. Google Ads should be used in such a way to support organic search, and with good quality SEO, it requires a minimal budget. The rest of the money can be spent elsewhere.

This is the plan and strategy we develop with every client.