What is link equity?

Nikola Kalincevic
Nikola Kalincevic
28/05/2020   /   0

Link equity often referred to as "link juice", is the effect that a link transfers from one page to another. Before the introduction of "nofollow" links, each link had some value, and the practice of spamming (linking in as many numbers as possible, not for information, but to collect traffic) was generally accepted.

At the time, it was not uncommon to see several websites of the same owner among the first search results, all thanks to mostly useless and irrelevant links that lead to content without points of contact with the website's theme. It is now possible to navigate with links with the "nofollow" attribute, which search engines ignore when indexing content on the Internet and thus neutralize all the value that these links would carry with them.

The amount of value that a link carries with it is determined by several criteria. Links from relevant content, from reputable websites and paragraphs, carry more value than links from unrelated content, links from websites of dubious reputation, as well as those from headers and footers.