SEO reports

Nikola Kalincevic
Nikola Kalincevic
16/04/2020   /   0

Imagine having the ability to find out which keywords your competitors are promoting, which position they are targeting, and the different types of strategies they use.

By having this data, you can thrive by using their virtues and you can take advantage of areas where they don’t shine, right?

At Creative Brackets, we have access to such data, which gives us an advantage when we run client campaigns.

Once our managers create your account and add it to the professional software they use for keyword monitoring, they will have access to a detailed daily report for each keyword we track.

SEO reports are usually generated on the 15th of the month and at the end of each month.

In addition to email notifications, we always inform our clients about the SEO progress we have made during a certain period.