In your experience, what is the minimum budget required to make a boom in our region?

Creative Brackets
Creative Brackets
19/05/2020   /   0

Even though this depends on the industry, competition, and many other variables, the thing we noticed is that for Google Ads, the budget of a minimum of 1000 EUR per month is the amount to strive for.


If you made a thorough Google Ads research and social media marketing, you probably realized that Google, like Facebook, is a company that wants to earn money, so every campaign that lasts longer and has a greater budget has a tangible advantage over other campaigns.

When it comes to Google Ads, it is called an auction, and other advertisement platforms work based on the same principle.

Considering the market itself and standards in our country, the budget of 1000 EUR has proven to be the budget you can rely on, at least in our case so far. This means that if you invest a smaller budget, every competitor of yours with a bigger investment will have an advantage over you, so the results may wary on monthly basis.

Of course, if you are in the industry where there is no strong competition or the average budget is smaller, then the said budget is more then enough.

Smaller companies or businesses who only just start with their advertisements usually start with the budget of 100 EUR, 300 EUR, or 500 EUR and gradually continue to increase the budget up until there is no effect or ROI diminishes to the level which is not desired.

We are here to help you out in this transition and we are the ones who take care that you are using your money in the best way possible.