How to do link building?

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28/05/2020   /   0

Internal links are built with the intent to use the value of their existing links. These links are built by linking between the pages of the same website. As an example, we will use this page. This page authority is strengthened by content coming from other pages with the subject of SEO on the same website.

Make sure you are linking pages that are already authoritative and well ranked. Do not go overboard with the number of links coming from these pages, because otherwise, this could lead to negative effects. After determining which page you are going to link, find the text that is most suited with the main keyword. After that, you can start linking.

Building external links is a process of searching for other websites to link your content. Think about who would want to link to your website. In most cases, people who link your content are from the same or similar area of expertise, who believe the content you provide will be of use.

There are different methods when talking about external link building, but in general, the road will look like this: find the pages that will have a use for your content, get the contact information of the author or administrator of the aforementioned page and then ask of them nicely to link to your valuable resources.