How to determine the best SEO strategy?

Creative Brackets
Creative Brackets
02/06/2020   /   0

There are a couple of very important rules to go by to have the greatest chance for ranking well for the chosen keywords.

You might have heard experts claiming that content is the most important element in SEO strategies, and for the most part, they are correct. Good quality content which contains the specific keyword and its variations and satisfies the user intent is often associated with better rankings.

But the content itself is not enough. Backlinks are also very important, but they are useful only if the links are thematically relevant and the reputation of the domain it links from is in good standing.

Another factor on which you should pay attention is On-page optimization, which we will explain in an answer to a related question.

Also, there are technical details. You must make sure that the website has good architecture, clean navigation, and internal linking - not only for the search engine but for the user as well.