How many posts per week should be uploaded to social networks?

Nikola Kalincevic
Nikola Kalincevic
19/05/2020   /   0

While this is one of the very common questions everyone struggles with, try answering the following questions yourself:

- Is quantity or quality more important to me?

- How many relevant posts can I have per week?

- Are all posts equally important to me?

- What types of information do I want to provide to followers?

- How many posts are expected of me?

You may not be able to give answers to all these questions, but what we can tell you is that very often we see brands, companies, individuals who spend time creating posts that aim to satisfy them, and not their followers.

In this online game, anything is possible but what you will hear from us are always recommendations that aim to improve your business or your brand, because that is our job and that is why we are here.