How is link building done?

Nikola Kalincevic
Nikola Kalincevic
28/05/2020   /   0

Internal links are built to take advantage of the values ​​of your links. Such links are built by linking between the parties within the same website. We will use this page as an example. The authority of this website is strengthened by links from other pages of the same website, which have SEO for the topic.

Note that you link pages that are already authoritative and well ranked. Do not overdo it with the number of links from such pages, because there can be negative consequences. Once you've determined the page you're going to link to, find the text that best matches the main keyword. You can then create a link.

Building external links is the process of finding links to your content from other websites. Think about who would like to link to your website. These are usually people from the same area or area similar to yours, who will find the informative content you have useful.

There are different methods when it comes to building external links, but basically, this path will look like this: find the pages that will benefit your content, find out the contact information of the authors or administrators of the above pages and then ask them to link to your valuable resources.