How does the choice of technology influences the website function?

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20/05/2020   /   0

All technologies advance over time, so does the process of developing websites, standards involved, and methods used. In a great number of cases, the choice of technology can be crucial for large platforms, while for smaller presentational websites, the backend technology doesn't matter much for speed, scalability, and sustainability.

There are specific technologies that have their intended use. If you manage to utilize them in the way they were intended, the results will always be good, but in the same way, if you take any technology and you approach it in a bad way, any project can turn out broken.

The great number of clients come to us after noticing that something is wrong, and it is mostly related to the following:

Website or application has issues, poor functionality

New problems are often detected

Adding even the simplest functionalities takes a lot of time

These are just some of the examples that the project is not set up the right way. A properly functioning website should be the goal of every developer, as well to shorten the amount of time required to finish smaller tasks, allow for easy code updates, and to increase the website security.

If you are using any of the CMS solutions, like WordPress, Drupal, or similar ones, in part, you are assigned the quality that is set by the people who created said CMS systems, so the custom CMS solution is probably the best option for you if you are thinking about larger systems or platforms.