Your current hosting service is probably bad!

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16/04/2020   /   0

If you are using shared hosting, it means that your website is on the server with X amount of other websites that are not yours. It can be 10, or it can be 100, even 1000 websites on the same server. That's why it's called shared hosting; you are sharing it with the people you don't know.

Why shared hosting is bad?

Besides your website, there are maybe websites that are infected with a virus or websites that are doing some kind of scams, or they are even illegal, you can never know this. There are some ways to find out, but many people don't know how to do it.

Another good reason for avoiding the shared hosting is that some hosting agencies just do not care what is on their servers. That's why we don't allow mass distributions of our servers, and we don't sell shared hosting.

Cloud servers are affordable

Another reason why owning a shared hosting is bad is that you don't need to have your website on this kind of server when you can have it on your server, optimized for you specifically.