BDW2019: Day 1 – Day 7

Here, we will share Best Design Week 2019's schedules, material and other important info.

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Here, we will share Best Design Week 2019’s schedules, material and other important info.

Day 1

Day 1 @ Best Design Week is finished. Thanks to all the students for making an effort.

What we did today?

We introduced the students to the whole process of the web design and while talking about the UX, UI and other parts of the process we shared personal and work experience regarding clients and projects.

We noted that it is important to work WITH the client and not FOR the client, because TEAM work makes the dream work.

Facebook Group for the Web Design Advanced Group

Google Slides Presentation for Day 1

Day 2

Day two was about UX. We spend time talking about the process, principles of user experience and what problems should each methodology solve.

Download the UX presentation

UX paper templates for wireframes

Day 3

We are following the process and after the UX, day three of the workshop was about the UI.

Download the UI presentation

Day 4

Development day! No presentation, no slider…just a hard core code writing.

Day 5-6

Moving toward with the project as it reaches it’s deadline.

Day 7

The class joined everybody on the final day of Best Design Week 2019 for the closing event and the presentations of the projects.

We are glad, happy and privileged to be a part of this event.

Thanks all!

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